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Rock fall claims life of an Italian tourist in Petra. Yesterday an Italian tourist died after a rock block fell on him in the Rose City of Petra. The 32-year-old tourist was visiting Petra with three other Italian tourists when the block fell on him near the end of the narrow passage within the Siq. Similar accidents occurred in the recent past in Petra, such as in 2008 and in 2015, and the area is well known for its potential for rock falls and larger scale slope instabilities. My friends Claudio Margotttini, Daniele Spizzichino, Giuseppe Del Monaco and Giovani Gigli published several scientific papers on rock fall hazard assessment in Petra ( In the image below an example of a 3D kinematic analysis carried out in the area by Giovanni Gigli in order to identify the instability mechanisms present in the different sectors of the Siq. Unfortunately, due to the high risk levels (almost a million of tourists visited the area in 2018) and the difficulties in implementing stabilization works in a historical site the mitigation of risk is not an easy task there. hashtag#slopestabilityhashtag#geotechnicalmonitoring

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