Geoapp provide data analytics services, software and training aimed at supporting clients in assessing geotechnical risk by adding value to the their available data.

Geoapp integrate, analyze and interpret monitoring data, through the use of its proprietary algorithms based on the state of the art practices, ultimately helping clients in taking actions to manage risk at their site.

Main offering

  • Routinely review of monitoring data to identify developing ground instabilities
  • Design of tailored monitoring programs for open pits, tailings dams, civil engineering projects
  • Integrated slope monitoring services with alarming capabilities
  • Data Analytics Monitoring Platform
  • Structural mapping services and software
  • Rockfall hazard assessments and early warning systems
  • Independent third-party review of monitoring programs
  • Participation to geotechnical review boards and forensic geotechnical engineering analysis

How we do it


We routinely integrate and analyse client’s data (monitoring data, point clouds, etc.) and deliver actionable reports where we highlight potential areas of concern, provide recommendations, support the set up of alerts and define TARPs.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We ingest monitoring data from our clients over a cloud-based data analytics platform, where data are processed on the fly with our innovative algorithms and anomalies are notified in real time to users.


We provide training on geotechnical monitoring and data interpretation, both online and on-site, to ensure technology transfer is effective with our clients.

Who we serve


Open pit mines, Tailings dams, Waste dumps, Quarries, Solution mining

Civil engineering

Dams, Pipelines (Oil, gas, mine concentrate), Transportations (railways, highways)

Natural hazards

Communities: local, provincial, & federal governments dealing with geohazards

  • Geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists
    We support geotechs on site for the management of ground instabilities at their sites.
  • Corporate managers
    We work with corporate management to support the definition and implementation of group standards for geotechnical risk assessment and monitoring practices.
  • Consultants
    We help consultants (e.g. EoRs) in ingesting remote sensing and monitoring data in their consulting work.
  • Public agencies
    We support local provincial and federal agencies to manage geohazards with through innovative monitoring and early warning systems.


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